Factory Furniture


Small Pallet PlantKart on wheels

Small Black Pallet PlantKart : steel corner, gear stencil, steel wheels and unique handle

          Purple Small PlantKart w/ flower stencils, unique detail and retro gold circle wheels

Found retro blue tabletop, legs made from reclaimed & stained pallet wood

Spool table w. retro brass legs, upcycled cabinet panels, wooden cable spool and silver top

Mustard Pallet PlantKart with retro mega handle, upcycled framing & found wood

             Kid's Pallet Kraftable, found drawer & legs made from reclaimed pallet wood

 Basic Palletable : side walls, legs and pegboard + one pallet

Basic Palletabletop : wire legs from retro planter

     First Project 2010 : pallet on tablelegs from landfill                                                

Palletop on found wheeled tablebottom. Toolholders from baking pans & thrifted boxes

Palletop on found & repainted small metal drawer

                                         Small Cedar PlantKart w. wheels and handles

Small PalletKart with gear stencil & hook

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