Wednesday, January 29, 2014

erie effusion retroradioshoWRUW: 1/26/14

Every sunday sunday sunday i host the Erie Effusion Eighties Retro Radioshow on WRUW 91.1FM from 6pm - 8pm, live here in Cleveland and on the internet at to stream it !
This sunday we played -ready for it - alternative eighties music. The station has one of the largest vinyl libraries in the state of ohio located on a college campus. Most of the records stopped trickling in from record companies about 1991, replaced by burned discs in smaller envelopes to easily mail to hundreds of stations, clubs and djs. From 1977 - 1991, the vinyl record collection was clearly used by the many comments scribed on the jackets, but as the cd collection grew in the 90's, largely forgotten. As it was much much easier to dj from a five or three deck cd player as opposed to flippin records, most college stations chucked their already modest or picked over vinyl to resale record shoppes. Kent State had a wall of vinyl that is (was - i found much of it at Square Records ) as big as our C section. No joke. Ok maybe a small one, but point being records were already uncool. Clunky. Records that were scratched, needed to be timed correctly ( 45 ? 35 ? 78 ? just kidding ) and often broke with much handling of the disc. They did not survive drops or falls, unlike a CD. In the early days of CD, we would just get one song or a bunch of cds with one song or two. They could have put their whole catalog on it but oh well, more waste of space to pinpoint market "Creep" by radiohead. Or any one band. Add buttons, tee shirts, band swag and collectables to boot. But these are the days of college radio of the past and all this has changed in the golden age of wireless. Every week i get to go back in time and grab a few flat friends i have not heard from in a while to fire up some good memories of the neon glow of o-h-i-o in the 80's to play for you and the rest of the third rock from the sun. This is my 8th year on air ! Here is my playlist :

Nick Heyward : Kick of Love
Nick Heyward : OVer the Weekend
Haircut 1001 : Calling Capt. Autumn
Waitresses : Bread and Butter ( remix )
General Public : Too Much or Nothing 12 "
UB40  : Sing Our Song
Smiths : what difference does it make
10,000 Maniacs  Hey Jack Kerouac
Close Lobsters : nature thing
Alphaville : Lies
Pet Shop Boys : Can You Forgive Her
Alison Moyet : Love Resurrection
Jean Michael Jarre : Zoolook
Tom Tom Club : Lorelei
Bill Nelson : Contemplation
Dolby's Cube : Howard the Duck
Wolfgang Press : Kansas 12"
Rezillos : Glad All over
Dave Edmunds : Queen of HEarts
XTC : generals and majors
husker DU : ice cold ice
Buzzcocks : i don't mind
joe Jackson : pretty boys
joe jackson : fit
echo and bunnymen : crystal days
jellybean : was dog a donut ?


2014 Goal : Eating Better Batter

 My goals to improve on this year included eating better from scratch. As your stereotypical starving artist, it's been easy to waste away to a hip thinness over the years. But as i have started to age and this lack of any nutrients doesn't work real well on old ladies nor does it wear well. I can't look like i am on expensive designer club drugs while i really can barely afford a new pair of shoes since 2010. Most people assume the food spaces i work for part time just craft up a plate of free food for me per shift but the reality is not that at all. If you have 20 bucks left until you don't know when, you aren't blowing that on one dinner. Not with gas this high. Not with a dog that whines when it is hungry. Thankfully, i don't have to feed anyone else but occasion borrowing neighbor with key maybe. So since the new year started, I try to make a few items to chew on for a few days. Hysterical buying practices since the polarlike conditions of the world have made this a challenge since often the meat department looks like a zombie movie set once a storm is announced. Pancakes, pot roast, pulled pork, stirfrys and many other stupid basic dishes i am not posting here like i am some celebrity chef have filled my sink with dirty dishes; reminding me of my hate for cleaning up after solo dinners. But since i work for such five to four star chefs all throughout time, it would be quite moronic to waste away while trying to buy art supplies over food. i have already had new jobs not work out or cut my hours after working a very short time so i am no stranger to economic belt tightening of business at this time of year. Bust out the peppermint pig to suck on & stretch out and wait ~> beet berry whole wheat flapjacks 

Monday, January 20, 2014


 Thank you to the many who donated to my cause. I am lucky today to pay for some past dues and still have much to go. Lucky because I had a few new opportunities drop into the pot to teach some art and work wood crafts & more hours anywhere. Tonite i will be open after work if anyone wants to stop by to grab some studio stuff. Anyone who drops some change into my donation is welcome to fill their cart with local art, frames, weird wood crafts or holiday unsold items i need to clear out to make room for new stuff & classroom space. Enough people have expressed the interest in classes at the studio so it's in the works. Tonite i am open 6 - 9 for pick up & next week Saturday 11 - 3. If the door is locked check the number on the door & buzz me. I missed my show this week so i will return next week, sorry to anyone who needed their 80's fix. But that would be what life without me would sound like, so thanks to all who would prefer a non dead dj . Four more weeks ! owww

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is it MAYDAY already ?

This year has started off so wonderfully. Due to insane reasons beyond my comprehension, I found myself once again without a job after years of loyal employment. A crummy economy made for the worst open studio sale i have ever bother to hostess prior to the holidays. My little galleries are thankfully the only chump change i got this year but it was all. And don't get me wrong, it's amazing to pay bills with art. but no joke, i needed a j-0-b not to go away without warning or compensation. I am beyond behind on my bills and lucky the last few weeks i have found three part time jobs to help this immediate problem, somewhat. Today i woke up to another half a grand problem to fix first, shitty smashed window in my unlocked car adding up to crappy times. I lost all opportunity to work at ALL JOBS today & tomorrow and thursday until i get my car fixed. I can't stay here with an open car in downtown cle, so away i go until we find a new order of glass for the back. i had my dirty bathtowels and all linens stolen + my recycling. Due to enormous bitching on social media, many people have offered to help and i have created the donation button on the side. if you shoot me a buck or two, i will offer up any leftover art i have here as i am swimming in the unsold of the holidays & the few fleas i sold nothing at. I have stuff i need to get rid of, art, flowers, collages, furniture, frames, odd stuff, bones, skulls, cool things, maps & legends. i will open up when i return for suburbia & pay you back for playing it forward. $1, $ 5 0r $ 10 would really help out and i will give you ART in exchange for your bucks for sucks like me . I will be holding opening studio hours this saturday 12- 4, sunday 12 - 4 ( day ) & monday 6 - 9  ( night ) if you just wanna drop by and check out the clearance clarence. soda donations count as well. mealworms. you know. thank you to all the people bugging me to help, i am not looking for large amounts

The donation button is on the upper right, pls txt or email me if you just want to send it to 
myfirstnameDlastnameatpaypal that will shirley work to help the dj. just one wing !

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Ohio Works for 2014

2014 has rang in with sub zero temps here in No-Hio. This has rendered me at home, very little job left to go to and staring at the weather forecast in hopes or disbelief. I was throwing out leftover wood ( or contemplating burning it to stay warm ) and thought they might look better with some stain & stencil of the heart of it all. Ohio is actually a fun state shape to work with, looks good in squares and has edgy angles perched on the top of the country.

all weather reports have included colors not normally seen unless you had a computer and internet in 1977, which you didn't. temperature is often classified in colors for those who can't read or see so good. Cold fronts here are completely fabricated from decorative thrifted paint from home depo's discount table of "colors not normally used outside 1983" for walls

Ohio would love to break up at I - 76. But this piece is a recurring theme i often have grass greener on the other side of my state of stain filled industry and former scars of success
all these works are on leftover sanded pallet wood, stained and stencil for under 10


erieffusion retro radioshow : 1 /5 / 2014 - what do i get ?

sunday evenings i host the erie effusion eighties retro radio show on WRUW 91.1 FM. I have been a volunteer dj since 2006. I usually only play the vinyl preserved in one of the largest surviving vinyl collections on a college campus in the country. The choices of mine are largely untouched, not played often and probably abandoned quickly for the easier format of compact discs just a few years later. when i started as a dj at WKSR in 1990, our vinyl collection would fit in a tiny corner of my current college owned vault. But discs sounded better, less errors ( 45 ? 78 ? oops ! ) and were easier to handle. Or so we were told at the time. I found they often skipped and were easily damaged, but vinyl doesn't do well in my dirty artsy hands either. i will play discs or the digital downloads, but i prefer the odd offerings b sides, compilations, soundtracks and anything on vinyl that was a different version. or, in the case of our cocteau twins collection, like complete fuzz underwater. so you can have more content, here is the weekly playlist for erieffusion with mild chatter about wot really goes thru my head on the wall every week...Click here to listen or download HERE

nick heyward - kick of love
jesus ad mary chain - on the wall
iggy & stooges -i got a right
iggy pop - real wild child
kraftwerk - transeuroexpress
gary numan - love hurt bleed
cure - short term effect
siouxsie - christine
the glove - mr alphabet says
dickies - stuck in a pagoda with tricia toyota
buzzcocks - what do i get
violent femmes - nightmares
camper van beethoven - 9 of disks
devo - race of doom
waitresses - they are all out of liquor, let's find another party
pretenders - boots of chinese plastic
pretenders - space invaders
ramones - judy is a punk
hoodus gurus - i want you back
public image limited - bad baby
fleshtones - hexbreaker
xtc - this is pop
circle jerks - status clinger
clash - tommy gunn
thomas dolby - airhead 12'
sugarcubes - birthday
jellybean - was dog a donut ?