Monday, December 3, 2012

Pallet Table with HOOK !

Pallet Table with wheels and a recycled found hook ! $ 40 

404 ! SOLD OUT !

Star Card : handmade card using recycled paper, folders to make card and brads instead of an adhesive to hold it all together - SOLD OUT

thank you to everyone who came out to support me. The fraction of fans that actually show up to put a dollar to two in my pocket get fewer and fewer in the great land of leave every year. Thankfully this is replaced by popular neighbors holding holiday shows and many warehouse/ loft live work spaces hosting local artists during the same the festive weekend.  Altho this show was one of the best attended and i have sold out of holiday cards, it seems a bit wee early for shopping and hopefully more opportunities will pop up to sell some more crash for cash here. It was a non stop flow of people for three days and a was glad to be open for not only some retail action but for the public to see a live/ work loft in Cleveland.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

WORLD AIDS DAY - death disco

It's world AIDs day. I am sure i should be creating a media frenzy about all the art i have for sale before the holiday instead of a whoasme post. But holiday is never as great without the person AIDS took from me. This is my experience with it and it seems like it's taking a long time to fix this problem as this is an old story. This is completely stolen from a previous post on my old web log :

I am sitting in my two toned tan Chevrolet. Its the summer of 1990, and it's coming to an end. Soon, i think or hope. I am parked, windows up outside of the Rego’s, across from Parmatown Mall. It’s hot as balls and I am blasting WILD PLANET from the B52’s. If you flipped the tape over, it was the first release. That tape didn’t get turned over much and eventually ended up melted on my dashboard one afternoon in future weeks outside my day job. I am smoking to gleam the edge off the cube. I don’t want to go back so I sit and wait a few minutes until a cop pulls into the parking lot. Suddenly, I get very nervous, turn on the car and zip out of the parking lot on to Church to go back. And back I go, the fuzz of smoke not really dulling the reality of what I am doing. I park in the cul-de-sac of fancy my grandparents live at and walk back to the pool area. I undo the gate I have undid to access the paradise of the pool since I was too small to reach it and now I burn my hand on it’s metal refraction heat. I cross the cement, past the sparkling pool but it is empty. No relatives allowed. New rule. I am an exception, I don’t get sick. So far. I head down the stairs behind the house to the deep cool basement and the smell of death is the hit of the cool inside that envelopes my sweaty body. It chills my bones and causes serious hair raising on my body but I trudge on, thru the quiet den/basement and up into the sixties decor of suburban catholic chic. Many crucified jesuses stare at me, bleeding and dying in many styles, colors and mediums as I hurry past the flat figures of faith. But I don’t hold much faith these days, these poorly painted pieces just make the situation more ironical everyday. The kitchen, off to the right is where I check in and unload my bag. Several packets of green lime jello, I start a pot without thinking to make more and put the rest away. I put it next to cereal I wonder how old it is, was it the same cereal when I was young ? My grandma had slacked on cleaning up since my dying uncle had moved in a few weeks earlier and I was pretty sure I had eaten Honeycomb cereal. Then I did the math and figured out I had consumed a time capsule, as they had stopped making them. I started to try and pay attention to what was too old to consume, but I did not live thru the depression and god forbid I throw out anything you might HAVE to eat if things got bad. I hoped, that things would not get that bad, that soon. But that summer of 1990, things had got bad. I had gone to visit my uncle at his house and he had fallen and not been able to answer the door. Sadly, once I reported that I had to break in to see if he was still alive and turned off running, overflowing water he was confined to my grandmother, his mom’s. So I started to come by everyday, after my day job until I had to leave for the summer, back to school. I worried when I was going to go back, would he die because I stopped my visits ? Would his will give out knowing I was gone ? Could my friends keep up the supply keeping him alive without him finding out it was me making sure he could eat still? Everything almost worked. But lately, even that wasn’t really working as the disease ate him away in front of my eyes as july and august wore on. It got hotter, sometimes I would not leave and just stay over, sleeping in the frigid air conditioning on super high to get the heat of fever and swelling down. I would spend hours, listening to him breathe horribly, waiting for it to stop and my mental pain stuck in my head like a railroad spikesize might just cease to pound my sanity when it did. No large amount of drugs could quiet my demons that summer, try as I might to quell all frantic panic about the situation. I would walk around the dark pool my family used to frequent for decades until the situation. It was hot and I would use the huge cordless phone and sit and smoke away from my grandma’s view, behind the basketball pole in the middle of a field behind the pool fence. I don’t remember if there was ever cement under it, but we did try and hit baskets from the diving board jumping into the pool. Now it was overrun with grass and I would sit on the phone and listen to my friends cry about their stupid problems with drinking, money, boys and sex while waiting for a light to go out in the house so I could leave or pass out. Many nights it was just us three, Gram and my unce and what was left of me. That summer the man my gma lived with traveled a lot. My real biological g-man was long dead and unaware his oldest lie dying from a trendy new disease for gay men. I always wonder what the fuck that guy would have done that summer. My grandmother retreated from the horror sideshow dying in the guest room into the lost shadows of her mind, never to return or recognize life as she knew it ever again. Watching the two people in my life who mattered the most after my immediate fab four die was a long, hot ninety days of hell. My sketchy friends lived in the sketchy apartments not far from the community college down the road, a few backyard trips to the north and later maybe I would order a minderaser and try to sleep for more than a few hours. I would tell my grandma I was going to the store, run over and fill my head with a whole lot of nothing. Often I would drag myself back, late past everyone going to sleep and sit and watch MTV as if I was ten. But I am about to be twenty and life is about to chip a large part of my heart away through a suffering humiliating disease affecting my white suburban American dream at the moment. In my hurt, I knew I could handle this but the unfairness over weighs my logic and I often destroy how I am feeling to function thru I on massive amount of soma I might not normally dabble within. The phone rings and I turn the ringer off, it’s late. Death, I think, is late. I sit up to wait for him and smoke another until the orange and pink put me down for the night that remains. I forget to turn off the tv and when someone does, it’s another day.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DJBG meets the e/e FANS : top ten amazing things fans say during rare public appearance of college dj

The 31st STUDIO A RAMA was yesterday at the Mather Memorial Courtyard featuring many local and about - to - be better known bands. As a dj on a college radio station WRUW 91.1 since 2006, I am required to be present and yesterday I was allowed to also slap up a tent and contribute some art to the cultural festivities. Usually Saturday nights I work, but yesterday I was treated to an outdoor perfect end of summer day to enjoy some tunes, hang with the other 100 + volunteers that run WRUW and meet the fans ! It was a great day and I had much fun, food and friends.

AND FANS ! Top 10 Awesome Meet the Fan Moments :

*         " WOW ! i am so excited to meet you ! i love your show, i listen all the time. How long have      you been doing Stone Cold Bikini ? "

*        " Really ? You do an eighties show this semester ? I can't stand that one on Sundays "

*       " Huh. i thought you were some college kid googling the eighties music before your show "

*         " What did you do to get to be here ? "

*          " you never play the eighties i want to hear. no love shack or 99 red balloons. Don't you know that 's what people expect from an 80's show ?  "

*            " hey if you are bored come on over to CIA. They play really cool movies there "

*            " i guess you don't really act like your on air personality, do you ? "

*           " do you know who i am ? DO YOU ? i don't wait for band - aids "

*          " i always pictured you in person to be a bit taller "

*           " bridget ginley ? do you know djbg ? "

I had a great day. It was fun to meet you all, hear all the great things people DO say about the station, our volunteer programers and even my little 80's show. I really believe when you volunteer about something you are passionate about you will grow and meet great people during your service to improve your cultural surroundings through your personal efforts. I have been a music programer since 2006 and it's the two hours of pure delight to play all the 80's tunes i could never hear, afford or youtube. Music is not something I can do but i enjoy it and relish the opportunity every year to be able to raise a few bucks to keep college, quality commercial free music flowing left of your dial. Thank you to all who came out, hung out and moved my enormous tent up and down, round and round. I am flattered so many people like and listen to the music I play every week. I had no idea !

Friday, July 20, 2012


This post is another re-run, from July 18, 2011 off E/E/. What is about July.... more news today of innocent people slaughtered at the movies. Our nation allows humans to carry weapons, and on occasion someone who shouldn't couldn't have one, gets one. And death is on repeat.....

On July 18, 1984 my family was driving back from Kelly's Island after picking me up from summer camp. I am thirteen years old and beyond myself that this washed up rock babe Tina Turner is hogging my airwaves with this crappy comeback album. Little did i know she would choke the life out of the hit parade for THREE MORE SINGLES. What's Love Got to do with it ? I don't know, shut the fuck up and play some goddamn new wave music i would think in my head. some Hall and Oates, anything ! My parents quietly talked about her comeback from Ike beatings but my sister and I could always still hear them. Clearly, I thought, this woman didn't get beat enough. Evil me had enough of the 70's hogging my newave airwaves. In the back seat of the sweltering car, I was very glad to be headed towards a real shower. Clothing. Bug Free. I had a great time running around the beaches of the Island, not knowing any of the kids and not caring. A vacation of silence from the human race. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the other kids in my bunk, dances, crafts, hikes and all the cute boys, but I actually just asked to go for some peace and quiet after the hell of middle school where you know no one and look like bettie page's horrible offspring with glasses and braces. Sold all my candy bars and won my own vacation before eighth grade. But a few days of horrible food and sleepless hot nights, I was ready for air conditioned suburbian comfort my parents provided. Maybe not my mom's food, but certainly a soda or two. On the radio the news came on and my parents could not act fast enough. Not that they normally would have censored us from the news that a jobless man from Canton named James Huberty ( the not so hot guy above here )had walked into a San Ysidro McDonalds in California where he relocated to and killed MANY innocent people with a gun. Actually, many guns. Women. Children. Workers. No one who had ever done anything to this man. They played a tape of someone talking about it that had been in the area and the chaos in the background was hysterical, horrible. It iced my hot suffering preteen body like a quick cut you don't expect, cold. I felt numb. Those poor people, or their loved ones who live on or lived through. I think we had just been to a McDonalds ! I felt very sick and somehow in the silence of the car after the news had ended and my father drove on through Lorain County, I was never a really a child or felt childlike again. After a few days in an eden of adultless fun and frolic with faceless peers; the reality of my future had come to call of odd occasional violence, unexpected but sometimes meditated by madmen. A false notion of safe in my burbworld in heartland ended over the years of Dunblane, Columbine, Long Island Rail Road and even a madman Mark Cunningham at Kent State University, hunting students at my own school during the winter of my junior year. Not that I thought the world would not be in Mad Max Situation by the time I was 40 with drooling zombies, commies or aliens would take over my american dream ( hey, it's the 80's here still in my rewind ), but the confirmation was a shadow over the rest of the summer. So the other day, when someone again too sick for rational thought has access to ammunition to kill and destroy, I often think back to that moment of driving home after the news of a madman shot thru my summer. the shots of a madman taking everyone with him while being hunted by the Kent police still screams through my dreams on occasion. But lately, I have been thinking about my own protection and it scares me to think that way. What's love got to do with it ? anyway....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SUMMER RERUN : 2011 ViewR Mail !

Fans, Friends & Enemies :

happy saturday ! tired, kids are sick, work is nuts and i am crazed trying to sell off enough leftovers to avoid the boot. I will have an open studio sale soon for extra super deals and more free stuff outside the door to remove the excess, details to come forth of course. But today it's Summer Rerun Saturday. And we steal today's awful content from an old e/e post highlighting some of the viewer mail i get. Since i volunteer two hours a week at a local college station WRUW 91.1 FM, people feel compelled to let me know how they feel about what i curate for their eighties ears. Who doesn't love people giving you their ten cents ? yeaaaaaa ! Enjoy the blast from the past of my mailbag/box ~ <3 djbg


And for more fun and adventure, here's the viewer mail for 2011 :

Dear DJ BG - what do you have against the Cure ? what moron has an eighties show and plays less Cure than you ? they are the best band of the 80's and you fail to grasp this concept EVERY WEEK. I love your show -
signed Real Name

DJ bg - did someone tell you that you have a good radio voice ? that person was wrong
- probably not their real name

Dear djbj - The Bolshoi was a band from england in the 80's ( insert lengthly Wikipedia stolen history about band, singles and releases ). You might want to qualify your selection of better music with the addition of some Bolshoi, especially whatever single i used to love on "120 minutes" -
signed 120 minutes one hit wonderloverboy or the guy from the Bolshoi

Miss Dj BG - i love your show, i listen every week ! it's the best 80's show i have heard in cleveland ever ! Could you play some Heaven 17, Human League or New Order ? i never hear you play it on your show ! thanks ! love your show -
signed person who OBVIOUSLY doesn't listen

Hey - last week's show was terrible. Awful, even. Just unbearable. I had to turn it off after twenty minutes of music i don't remember from the 80's LIKE THAT and it was AWFUL. Don't you think playing some "normal" 80's staples like the Jam, Echo, a little Furs might help ? Maybe it got better, I don't know. I turned you off, hoping one of the commercial radio stations were playing ANYTHING by Nirvana. Get a clue -
signed the guy who worships all 21 + songs Kurt Cobain made before he overdosed that are played more than AC/DC, Boston, Journey and Rush here in the capital of dead rock n roll

Hey djbg, how come you don't play ____ ( band name )'s new song that came out 12 minutes ago on i-tunes exclusive ? does the station have that ? when do you think it might come in and you might play it ? i donate every year and always wonder WHY you guys never have the new stuff right away. I donate to another show, but still.
signed your biggest fan ever of all time

dear djbg - i am not supergay
signed Phil Oakley ( probably not tho )

Dear djbg - i am an alternative rockstar from _____(some town). I masterfully did a google search and somehow constructed together with my brain modules that you do a radio show in need of my crappy-eighties-beats-heavy-music i sweat out after my software analyst job. I have included a package sent to the station with my super crafty logo on stickers, posters, postcards, keychain, can opener, xxsmall tshirt and my one hit single " dancing by myself in the darkness ", make sure that you get it girl and get it into your rotation of music ! although i have only glanced at the playlist half assed gassed after happy hour one friday while doing "marketing research" home from the microbrewery, I know it would blend flawlessly with your playlist. As a music professional with one local review is included from my friend/ex-girlfriend, please also bask in the glow of my fantastic music alt god cool photos in filter that make me look younger hidden in the surprise package. You rock, dj bk !
love, rock god in pleather by night, code monkey by day from inc.

Dear dj bg - the art of noise just isn't a good band. get it ? I love your show !!!
signed no one really ! keep it on up, e.e. lovers !!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MAYDAY SALE : canvaspaper works ! 20 bucks

oil on canvaspaper
16 X 20 inches

all grad works from 2002
buy it now, click the paypal
to buy any of the works listed here
free shipping anywhere !

MAYDAY SALE : green loop painting

Green Loop
16 X 20 inches
mixed media on canvas paper

20 bucks ! Click the paypal button on the right for any of the paintings listed on the 404blog this week. all works are shipped freeeeeeeee ANYWHERE. delivery is extra, gas is silly expensive !!

maydaysale !

16 X 20 inches
oil on canvas paper
buy it now

i have a STACK of works, studies to me for larger paintings from graduate school. I went back for my graduate degree in painting in 2000-2002. I am one credit away from my MA in painting but KSU won't let me just take my thesis and be done, they want me to enroll in one last class " to see where I am at " . So obviously i don't have 8 grand to get the 42 credits i earned into a piece of paper degree , somehow my company Progressive INsurance buying several works of many of the professors who shoved portfolios and prices under my door might have swung me a deal, but no. So i feel i don't need any of these pieces, esp since after earning a 3.88 in grad school, i am a part time waitress in this post 911 american economy. so let's get these worthless pieces out of here, shall we ?  each work is on canvas paper, painted with gesso and oil and sanded down several times for a more ghostly effect on the layer of motion and color. Unframed, these 10 year old works are oil and should not be under glass. They are 16 X 20, a standard size frame at any michael's hobby lobby cat patanery big box craftamatic store. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE. 20 bucks per piece, it's $50 for three !

Monday, July 9, 2012

$AVE the 404 : mayday

In the last year, i confess. Confess to not being able to find a job + my health going super south in one year  = massive problems. Altho i am lucky to still have my nite job, it has been tuff to keep up with life when my body dyes, cars dyes & my opportunities dry up like the summer of 2012. I have been able to tread water for a while, but recently i was given a small window to make the money lenders happy and have been able to do so only by a select few people : buying some art / or finally paying me for art services rendered (framing, installing etc ). So i am a third of a way there just from generous support from fans, family and friends. I was talked into creating a paypal account which is soley for anyone to send me some bread to bake more culture here in the 404 and i am offering up plenty of leftovers to fill your white wall plate. I don't need money to spend, bills or a new car. Don't want a donation that i have to pay back some stupid way, plenty leftovers left behind for u to invest in. I just don't want to be homeless and it seems every July my moneylessness makes to take away any home i might eek out here in the wreckage left of my life. Not much is left, i doubt the dog or the car will be able to survive the winter on what we make here if the ice don't break & the wind don't blow. We still collect ZERO alimony despite years of pouring money into spousal support of strippers, banjos & other deadend emo rockstar collectibles. But as long as i can still make some cool things for cleveland to ignore here at the 404 with what's left, we can make things right. No one wants to deal with what 's left if this mission fails. Again. The next few posts will be works from the past that just have to go, free shipping on everything anywhere and the button that follows will allow u to pour some sugar on me. Let's be real, if i lose my home, i have NO WHERE to store any of this artwork while living in a dying car. So it's got to go or be destroyed via a la garbage dumpster. I will make appointments, but if you already are known to take art and not pay, don't bother to say it isn't so. I know it's so hard for you. but for the rest of the best of my fans friends & supporters, stay tuned to virtual garage sale for the next few days.....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Decay In Response : 6.22.2012

                                                                        music & art 
 June 22, 2012
618 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland Ohio
9 - 2:30 am 

tomorrow i will be out in public as djbg spinnin some tunes at DNA LEVEL C, clearly a very fancyschmancy nightclub at some point during the DECAY In RESPONSE music/art/performance event tomorrow from 9 - 2:30AM. This old dj will be not only playing all the records Mike Philly left here, but there will be some small collage/assemblage/darkart pieces on the wall from myself and another artist. The location is downtown at 618 Prospect Ave, Cleveland not far from East 4th and the Whoreshoe Casino. There is no home game to screw parking prices so expect normal pricing so no excuse not to check out DIR to kick off the already steamyasshot summer of 2012. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

welcome to new revamped djbg/e.e/404blog. in one year blogger has improved and my health has not so we relaunch with some new features. art/music/pages. In 2012 some configured planet alignment has rendered a renewed interest in my odd works and several appearances have commenced for exhibits and symposiums. My recent new works resemble popular culture ideas of personal droids made from ice buckets, metal mixing bowls and various other knobby odd knick knacks make up a steampunky, post modernism piece. Often they are made from thrifted, found or reclaimed items from various positions I have held and upcycled into assemblage art. My theory of application is based on a world that has stopped producing stuff and the next challenge of reclaiming items for second survival use speaks more to a mad max land of reuse than a well dressed idea of the steampunky brewster future. My works get classified into a steampunked up category, but upon exploration of the genre, my pieces don't include overplayed items replicated in craftstore form of keys, clock hands or gears but just you wait. They can. However the description isn't off, my reclaimed former outdated technology within the pieces certainly looks more cool than craft-store-bought-fake-keys and my fun is often to challenge the notion of your own stereotype to grow and expand on the ideas of the steamypunks. 

R2D2 evolved certainly from my own star wars obsession and viewing steampuking robots on the interwebs all over Exhibits of Steampunk Ideas from everywhere. Low on cash, what to get my two droid loving bro in law? i made this robot. And my nephews tore it up. Since then they are a slight hit sensation until George Lucas sues my small white behind. We have made several and I have 17 ready to be reclaimed and reglued up. So Stay tuned for more stiff stuff on line, scanned sketchbook stuff and occasional radio show updates as it happens.