Friday, August 30, 2013

Factory Flowers at Studio 2091 September 7, 2013

Next saturday my artwork will be featured at Studio 2091 in Cuyahoga Fall, Ohio. There will be a reception that evening, free parking, fancy fingerfoods & already a fine case of various wines to offer.

Bridget D. Ginley
Studio 2091
2091 Front Street
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221
Hours Tuesday - Friday 4:00Pm - 8:00 Pm
Saturday 12 - 6 or by appointment

September 7, 2013 - October 9, 2013

My new works are flowers created from found or recycled items often outdated or replaced
items. The frames were generously donated by one of my most loyal old friends the awesome CLEVELAND CHICK  from a local chain restaurant, collaged over and recreated into a new piece. The new works are heavily influenced by steampunk, industrial surroundings and the works of Jay DeFeo. Two flowers have entered two major collections in Cleveland Ohio just this year, The Progressive Collection and another I will soon announce once the deal is inked. Inking going on right now so update soon. To blend recycling and creativity is my ultimate goal when assembling a body of work. This show features a focus on bionic botanicals, cyborgian strains in an altered post industrial wasteland.

The gallery where the works will be featured is located in the Akron area of Ohio. Amy Mothersbaugh has founded the gallery to create a space to showcase her work and of the local and international flavor of the creative energy she has created. The gallery hosts studio space, exhibition space, a retail area for local art and several exhibition walls in a small cool space by the falls of the cuyahoga. An opening drawing group is hosted each Wednesday and the parking is plentiful and free in the mall area next to the falls. Hope to see you there !

 The website is HERE 
Directions to the gallery HERE
Amy's awesome Facebook  page HERE
Facespacebookeventpage HERE

 As a dj at WRUW, our all day concert will also be in full effect and i will be there before and after my opening to hang with the tribe who mans your college radio station. That event and the bands playing ( did i mention it's free ?!? ) is HERE.  I hope to see you that day, a full sizes day of  music and art will be one of the best days of 2013 for me for fun and fellowship. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Support 404 !

red star 2009 by bridgetDginley
red star 2009, a photo by bridgetDginley on Flickr.
Get a printed red white or blue star for your fore dollar support ! Click on the paypal below or on the page to the upper right side of the webloggy to support your favorite CLE starving artist studio before the fourth ! Pick up a handprinted almost out of stock red star print ( blue or white if you prefer ) and only a buck to SHIP IT. 

Star woodblock on black arches, hand painted 8 x 10 inches. Unframed, dated & signed. i have a limited supply left so please msg me with any questions on quantity or color.

Click on the link upper right ! the PayPal is on the SIDEBAR ~>

Monday, April 29, 2013

404 Uniquely Upcycled Oddly Constructed Urban Ends : SPOOLTABLE

Next week I will be in the CLEVELAND FLEA ! May 11, from 10 - 4 pm selling my wares. Last month was a wonderful success and i was grossly underprepared for a mass frenzy of fans. This month we are preparing early for the next few shows as i have been crazy busy this spring. So these next few posts will feature some of the fun for sale next week !

Like this super awesome spooltable ! Originally, I used this to hold cakes but my ideas grew and I added some over the top found finds to jazz hands this little spool up ! Found in Tremont, made of two wood discs and a cardboard round; this spool has been screwed to two matching wood decorative panels. I took an old nasty footrest from the thrift store and dismantled it just for the brass legs. Pegboard was cut to fit and sprayed silver. I stained the two wooden discs to match the cherry wood panels after bleaching and sanding the edges.

Using the world's oldest drill, i attached the brass legs. 
I then measured and glued metallic paper to the cardboard .

And it's a bit over the top for the cake holder idea
but heavy, it's a cool plant holder / table / display
made from all recycled / thrifted items

Join me and many other cool creatives 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Untitled by bridgetDginley
Untitled, a photo by bridgetDginley on Flickr.

Post Modern Box Factory @ 404

Most of the new collages created this year are on found or thrifted items. I was lucky that the Zygote Press threw out what appeared to be a group collage project from Art on Wheels from 1995 and have created most of the flowers on that batch. I like the process of saving and reusing but i also feel it adds to the oddities of collage unplanned. Unplanned accidents could be your best and worst enemy one of my grizzled old tenured white guy professors used to bellow during crits. I found a box of cheap tiny cigar boxes from Phillie on a recent trek to Akron and was able to score a few to use for future flowers

Using tiny clamps found for .10 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I used my leftover wood from shipping pallet deconstruction / recycling to frame the little cardboard box

When dry, the cardboard frame holds the cardboard box together for further collage / assemblage and the gears or layers of found hardware is too heavy for paper. The flowers tend to weigh more than anticipated due to real hardware or found objects being applied. The collage surface has to be strong enough to hold and still weigh in the stress of the object in space, a different idea to conquer as in the past, as paintings don't usually fall from the canvas

new flowers coming soon...spring is almost here

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MAKING IT : Found Window Frame Into Classic Coat Rack W. Pallet Wood

Welcome to my new series called Making It. After spending much of 2012 making cool things out of stuff I have found or rescued ( read into it : hoarded ), my intent of this is to inspire you to make shit out of anything. Because if this C- student in shop in 1984 can do this, any loser could do it. My art degree never schooled us in tools of any kind and my clumsy nature tends to avoid things like saws, blades and other major injury causing items. So most of this is even painfully constructed with my hands. Since i am down to nine fingers for a few months, let's review : 

Super Cool Classic Looking Coat Rack

I confess I dumpster dive quite a bit. If these is no food involved, I can do it. I live downtown in an area where many print companies or furniture companies use and discard odd shaped wood pallets after very little use. Many other places I go clearly have set aside very nice pieces for me after watching me on security camera haul away their recyclable wood. One such place left out their windows they had torn out and replaced in their factory section. At first I took all the hinges and cool metal hardware. I will bike with a small tool kit in my backpack just to remove cool things I find on discarded stuff. Most of the windows had jagged, deep set glass, but two were different and had no glass. I came back with a car and removed both pieces. I disinfect EVERYTHING and then I polished the wood. It's in great shape and a perfect frame. I took spare wood from a recycled shipping pallet, measured and cut all my board to fit in the frame and glued the pieces into the groove where the glass had been. Here is the side beneath the stained side above. No nails were used, just wood glue and maybe a clamp if one wood slab was warped.

 Here is the side we are going to use for the rack to hang things. I've got enough scarves to make Steven Tyler seethe with envy so I need hooks and hang up opportunity or it's everywhere here. I'm into natural dyes but at the same time I love a good oily stain gleeming in the sun. So I stained the wood over and over with decaf coffee from work. We use Phoenix  coffee and the rich leftover brew creates a wonderful dark stain. Combine it with a bit of black and then a coat of clear linseed oil for a nice deep sheen. Different woods are often used to make shipping pallets so sometimes you get a nice variation of flattened forest here. Recycled, of course.
 Over the years, I have collected odd hardware. When I worked for a property company, they would often upgrade a suite and throw away all the old hardware. Eventually, even as a framer I would save odds and ends people would leave or throw away. A visit to a thrift store or a Habitat for Humanity ReStore can score your many old classic used and worn pieces to adorn anything you need to look urbantastical and authentically hip. Or leave your hardware in vinegar, water or wine. It does some weird stuff to look cool and the liquid is usable stain.
 Before gluing the wood to the frame, I had hammered a few holes into the wood to twist some hooks of all shapes, sizes and colors when completed. I also installed a must larger eyescrew in the back and heavier wire to install it on a concrete brick wall. So far it hasn't ripped out of the wall but we'll see how long that lasts when someone else uses it. 
Crafty moment climax ! So all the scarves, coats, dog leashes, collars, bike lock, umbrellas, all the crap I can't figure out where to go when I have no closet are hung up. HUNG UP. Some glue, hooks and wire makes a nice wooden wall piece functional, recyclable and easy to reuse in the future. ( table top, card holder with bread pans, pot rack, etc ).