Friday, February 28, 2014

works in progress - teeny tiny bat

sometimes the creatures in my life can be inspirational to some of the works i construct. lately old phones i disassemble look much like the little bats that roost around the neighborhood in CLE. With a ton of old factories being torn down this year, many displaced bats have made their way to my building. In the summer, it is so hot and many people leave windows open in the common areas of the warehouse i dwell in with the lights blazing all night. I made old screens to fit my space to avoid this swarm in my space every eve. But without such horribly made screens, the hallways fill with bugs and with that comes with the animal that we need to eat the fogs of midges and other pesky insects. We suspect they roost above us and often they fall out when pipes burst or a cold winter kills a furnace or two.
as a modern day walking wednesday addams, clearly i am a lover of such a creepy cute animal that really just likes to shit, eat handfed mealworm covered bananas, snuggle up to a heatbeat upside down and screech when he is pissed or hungry. who can't relate ? 
stay tuned...

Monday, February 17, 2014

ErieEffusion Eighties Retro Radioshow about LOVE + 1 !

happy weekend of love erie effusion viewers ! this week's 80's vinyl albumhead selfie is from the Smith's RANK ! nothing like dirty dirty sleeves from a full day of cookin & cleanin to offset that heart Roger lent me, since i don't have one for this weekend. INSTEAD ! This show was about love, with the theme being LOVE in the title. I pulled over 50 albums, so i never got to everything i wanted to like "Chains of Love" or "jungle love" or even moments in love. Here is the link to this week's show and the playlist of LOVE + PLUS ONE : 

Nick Heyward - Kick of Love 
X - True Love
Cult - Love Removal Machine
Pretenders - Message of Love
Psychedelic Furs - We Love You
Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way
b 52s - Love Shack
b 52s - Loveland
Swans - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Iggy Pop - Cry for Love
Soft Cell - Tainted Love (club69mix)
Human League - Love Action
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
Gary Numan - Love Hurt Bleed
Heaven 17 - I'm Gonna Make U Fall in Love with Me
Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc
Daniel Ash - This Love
Peter Murphy - Strange Kind of Love
Mission UK - Love Me to Death
Alison Moyet - Love Resurrection
Echo and Bunnymen - Back of Love
Hoodoo Gurus - Miss Free Love
Replacements - Love U Til Friday
Ramones - Baby i Love You
PIL - This is NOT a Love Song
Thomspson Twins - In the Name of Love
Haircut 100 - Love Plus One
JellyBean - Was Dog a Donut ?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

winter - william blake

he withers all in silence
in his hand
unclothes the earth
freezes frail life

william blake
( winter -from poetical sketches)

Monday, February 10, 2014

EriEffusion Retro Radio Show : 2.9.14

 Every sunday i spin two hours of 80's tunes on WRUW 91.1FM from 6pm - 8 pm ! This sunday we start the vinyl recordhead selfie series. Selfies of me are starting to look like a Disney villianess, so using the album covers for my head is going to be a gas. trust in me. 
This is not my music, every week i walk into a vault of vinyl preserved like a museum of music maybe only i can get nervous about every week. New vinyl is starting to trickle in, but i doubt people will be scripting their views on the jackets as in the past ! What did i play :

Nick Heyward - Kick of Love
Madness - Love
Camper Van Beethoven - When i win the Lottery
Camper Van Beethoven - Turquoise Jewelry
Adam and the Ants - Feeding Me to the Lions
The Alarm - the Stand
Replacements - I will Dare
Replacements - busted up
X - white girl
duran duran - waiting for the nightboat
simple minds - promised you a miracle
wall of voodoo - mexican radio
Elvis Costello and the Attractions - i don't know what to do with myself
English Beat - Cant Get Used to Losing You
Southern Culture on the Skids - Goo Goo Muck
Bangles - silent treatment
Husker DU - all i have done for you
R.E.M. - just a touch
Fleshtones - The Right Girl
Fleshtones - I was a teenage zombie
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - my bag
54 40 - Jamming With Lawrence 
Echo and Bunnymen - all that jazz
Psychedelic Furs - Aeroplane
Cure - torture
Colourfield - I can't get enough of you baby
Specials - Bright Lights !
JellyBean - Was dog a donut ?

Click here for the link to listen or download the SHOW 

deadmall : Rolling Acres

Ruinporn photos are hot. Your childhood capitalist hangout pre & free shipping  hotspot dead like a zombie movie shoot ? Super hot. Stupidhugespaces now abandoned are  very popular for photographers, or everyone with a camera phone to capture the quick demise of meatspace retail. I zipped out to the land of Zips a few months ago to the Restore located in Akron, near where the once, literally, "rolling" hills this double decker mall stood. Although much of it is still there, the zinging cash registers collecting sales tax and disposable jobs employing the lower classes of masses left over from the industrial age; GONE.  Quiet. miles of parking seemed to spread all over an area where one has to wonder how many people actually had to be here to use all this space ? to need it ? mass holiday sales ? no more driving all over for a parking space, plenty was to be found here. I did not frequent this mall, as it was far and had a small grisly murder of teenage girls to taint it made it not a place my parents allowed. However, it was obviously a super large mall that seemed to cater to very different tastes of the more suburban malls we were used to. Midnight horror movies, crazy odd clothes & again massive amounts of space made you feel like you were in some spaceship of shopping. Now it sits, in a concrete shell of capitalist facades falling into the walkways and handicapped zones. What to do with sweet dreams made of this ? See the Scene for more "wow, look ! a mall falling apart " photos here for more photos of decay

winter winter everywhere

This winter wonderland watercolor is by my neighbor William Gould. His works are all over the hallways of the lofts in 1400 on the 4th floor. This one i like because it sometimes reminds me of a barn in medina or sometimes recalls an abandoned factory in the city. both are landscapes i am familiar with from living in the midwest, plus a nice frosting of cold snow. Click on this link for more of Bill's work here : ; William Gould Studios 

Friday, February 7, 2014

erieffusion 2.2.2014 : playlist ! link ! listen :

Sunday i host the EriEffusion Eighties Retro Radioshow from 6pm - 8pm
I can be found broadcasting live from WRUW 91.1FM in CLE or WRUW.ORG
 Here is the playlist from sunday 2/2/2014
Erie Effusion :

Nick Heyward  - Kick of Love
Meat Beat Manifesto - Everything Counts
Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche Out !
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down ( 2011 Re:Mx )
Alien Sex Fiend - Now I'm Feeling Zombified
Alien Sex Fiend - Hurricane Fighter Plane
INXS - The One Thing
Hunters and Collectors - talking to a stranger
Comsat Angels - Day One
Camper Van Beethoven - Pictures of Matchstick Men
Camper Van Beethoven - The Day Lassie Went to the Moon
R.E.M. - Crazy
54: 40 - baby ran
Husker DU - Dead Set on Destruction
Replacements - Something to DU
Replacements - Another Girl, Another Planet
Clash - Cheapskates
Coachmen - Stay in my Room
Pretenders - Room of Mirrors
Nick Cave and Shane McGowan - What a Wonderful World
SugarCubes - Regina
Cocteau Twins - Hazel
Cocteau Twins- Eggs in the Their Shells
Echo and the Bunnymen - with a HIP
the Church - almost with you
lloyd cole and the commotions - rattlesnakes
close lobsters - what is there to smile about
jellybean - was dog a donut ?

In the 80's, we had mixed tapes. A mixed tape would be a recordable tape you could put a few songs on for a friend, someone to impress or trade music with. Often you could make friends with the right person who could or would tape you most of their collection to listen to. Bonus points if that person had a shopping addiction or bought music to be too cool for school. Although i do admit to taping a ton of music from the library or a friend's collection, i would HAVE to buy a real copy eventually as repeated listening on a recordable tape was limited to abuse. In the 80's, we had no free listening devices. Nothing to stream or steal. If you wanted to hear the last four cocteau twins singles, you had to make nice with a person who HAD paid over 30 - 40 $ per order /  PLUS shipping / allowed six weeks for delivery ( SIX WEEKS - this generation would be dead by then if they had to wait that long for a song ), pony up all that cash yourself for unheard music you don't know you like or wait 30 years until half the collection is in the budget bin at Record Exchange in Lakewood for 2 bucks each. Now i listen to music on i tunes to determine if i should buy the whole shebang or a single or two, maybe you tube if it isn' t some horrible photo montage of kittens wrapped in sheets or scout the intertubes. But back in the day i didn't have this luxury, so what is great fun of this show is my opportunity to explore the eighties just as much as the listener to the show or station. Often my show can seem to me like a mixed tape, or the process of constructing one. My opportunity to walk in, choose a few tunes to revisit, hear other versions /releases i am not familiar with & pair them up. 
A trip to the past can be just as fun for me, too.
Click here to listen to this week's dig