Friday, June 1, 2012

welcome to new revamped djbg/e.e/404blog. in one year blogger has improved and my health has not so we relaunch with some new features. art/music/pages. In 2012 some configured planet alignment has rendered a renewed interest in my odd works and several appearances have commenced for exhibits and symposiums. My recent new works resemble popular culture ideas of personal droids made from ice buckets, metal mixing bowls and various other knobby odd knick knacks make up a steampunky, post modernism piece. Often they are made from thrifted, found or reclaimed items from various positions I have held and upcycled into assemblage art. My theory of application is based on a world that has stopped producing stuff and the next challenge of reclaiming items for second survival use speaks more to a mad max land of reuse than a well dressed idea of the steampunky brewster future. My works get classified into a steampunked up category, but upon exploration of the genre, my pieces don't include overplayed items replicated in craftstore form of keys, clock hands or gears but just you wait. They can. However the description isn't off, my reclaimed former outdated technology within the pieces certainly looks more cool than craft-store-bought-fake-keys and my fun is often to challenge the notion of your own stereotype to grow and expand on the ideas of the steamypunks. 

R2D2 evolved certainly from my own star wars obsession and viewing steampuking robots on the interwebs all over Exhibits of Steampunk Ideas from everywhere. Low on cash, what to get my two droid loving bro in law? i made this robot. And my nephews tore it up. Since then they are a slight hit sensation until George Lucas sues my small white behind. We have made several and I have 17 ready to be reclaimed and reglued up. So Stay tuned for more stiff stuff on line, scanned sketchbook stuff and occasional radio show updates as it happens.  

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