Sunday, September 9, 2012

DJBG meets the e/e FANS : top ten amazing things fans say during rare public appearance of college dj

The 31st STUDIO A RAMA was yesterday at the Mather Memorial Courtyard featuring many local and about - to - be better known bands. As a dj on a college radio station WRUW 91.1 since 2006, I am required to be present and yesterday I was allowed to also slap up a tent and contribute some art to the cultural festivities. Usually Saturday nights I work, but yesterday I was treated to an outdoor perfect end of summer day to enjoy some tunes, hang with the other 100 + volunteers that run WRUW and meet the fans ! It was a great day and I had much fun, food and friends.

AND FANS ! Top 10 Awesome Meet the Fan Moments :

*         " WOW ! i am so excited to meet you ! i love your show, i listen all the time. How long have      you been doing Stone Cold Bikini ? "

*        " Really ? You do an eighties show this semester ? I can't stand that one on Sundays "

*       " Huh. i thought you were some college kid googling the eighties music before your show "

*         " What did you do to get to be here ? "

*          " you never play the eighties i want to hear. no love shack or 99 red balloons. Don't you know that 's what people expect from an 80's show ?  "

*            " hey if you are bored come on over to CIA. They play really cool movies there "

*            " i guess you don't really act like your on air personality, do you ? "

*           " do you know who i am ? DO YOU ? i don't wait for band - aids "

*          " i always pictured you in person to be a bit taller "

*           " bridget ginley ? do you know djbg ? "

I had a great day. It was fun to meet you all, hear all the great things people DO say about the station, our volunteer programers and even my little 80's show. I really believe when you volunteer about something you are passionate about you will grow and meet great people during your service to improve your cultural surroundings through your personal efforts. I have been a music programer since 2006 and it's the two hours of pure delight to play all the 80's tunes i could never hear, afford or youtube. Music is not something I can do but i enjoy it and relish the opportunity every year to be able to raise a few bucks to keep college, quality commercial free music flowing left of your dial. Thank you to all who came out, hung out and moved my enormous tent up and down, round and round. I am flattered so many people like and listen to the music I play every week. I had no idea !

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