Monday, December 3, 2012

404 ! SOLD OUT !

Star Card : handmade card using recycled paper, folders to make card and brads instead of an adhesive to hold it all together - SOLD OUT

thank you to everyone who came out to support me. The fraction of fans that actually show up to put a dollar to two in my pocket get fewer and fewer in the great land of leave every year. Thankfully this is replaced by popular neighbors holding holiday shows and many warehouse/ loft live work spaces hosting local artists during the same the festive weekend.  Altho this show was one of the best attended and i have sold out of holiday cards, it seems a bit wee early for shopping and hopefully more opportunities will pop up to sell some more crash for cash here. It was a non stop flow of people for three days and a was glad to be open for not only some retail action but for the public to see a live/ work loft in Cleveland.

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