Monday, April 29, 2013

404 Uniquely Upcycled Oddly Constructed Urban Ends : SPOOLTABLE

Next week I will be in the CLEVELAND FLEA ! May 11, from 10 - 4 pm selling my wares. Last month was a wonderful success and i was grossly underprepared for a mass frenzy of fans. This month we are preparing early for the next few shows as i have been crazy busy this spring. So these next few posts will feature some of the fun for sale next week !

Like this super awesome spooltable ! Originally, I used this to hold cakes but my ideas grew and I added some over the top found finds to jazz hands this little spool up ! Found in Tremont, made of two wood discs and a cardboard round; this spool has been screwed to two matching wood decorative panels. I took an old nasty footrest from the thrift store and dismantled it just for the brass legs. Pegboard was cut to fit and sprayed silver. I stained the two wooden discs to match the cherry wood panels after bleaching and sanding the edges.

Using the world's oldest drill, i attached the brass legs. 
I then measured and glued metallic paper to the cardboard .

And it's a bit over the top for the cake holder idea
but heavy, it's a cool plant holder / table / display
made from all recycled / thrifted items

Join me and many other cool creatives 

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