Monday, July 9, 2012

$AVE the 404 : mayday

In the last year, i confess. Confess to not being able to find a job + my health going super south in one year  = massive problems. Altho i am lucky to still have my nite job, it has been tuff to keep up with life when my body dyes, cars dyes & my opportunities dry up like the summer of 2012. I have been able to tread water for a while, but recently i was given a small window to make the money lenders happy and have been able to do so only by a select few people : buying some art / or finally paying me for art services rendered (framing, installing etc ). So i am a third of a way there just from generous support from fans, family and friends. I was talked into creating a paypal account which is soley for anyone to send me some bread to bake more culture here in the 404 and i am offering up plenty of leftovers to fill your white wall plate. I don't need money to spend, bills or a new car. Don't want a donation that i have to pay back some stupid way, plenty leftovers left behind for u to invest in. I just don't want to be homeless and it seems every July my moneylessness makes to take away any home i might eek out here in the wreckage left of my life. Not much is left, i doubt the dog or the car will be able to survive the winter on what we make here if the ice don't break & the wind don't blow. We still collect ZERO alimony despite years of pouring money into spousal support of strippers, banjos & other deadend emo rockstar collectibles. But as long as i can still make some cool things for cleveland to ignore here at the 404 with what's left, we can make things right. No one wants to deal with what 's left if this mission fails. Again. The next few posts will be works from the past that just have to go, free shipping on everything anywhere and the button that follows will allow u to pour some sugar on me. Let's be real, if i lose my home, i have NO WHERE to store any of this artwork while living in a dying car. So it's got to go or be destroyed via a la garbage dumpster. I will make appointments, but if you already are known to take art and not pay, don't bother to say it isn't so. I know it's so hard for you. but for the rest of the best of my fans friends & supporters, stay tuned to virtual garage sale for the next few days.....

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