Tuesday, July 10, 2012

maydaysale !

16 X 20 inches
oil on canvas paper
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i have a STACK of works, studies to me for larger paintings from graduate school. I went back for my graduate degree in painting in 2000-2002. I am one credit away from my MA in painting but KSU won't let me just take my thesis and be done, they want me to enroll in one last class " to see where I am at " . So obviously i don't have 8 grand to get the 42 credits i earned into a piece of paper degree , somehow my company Progressive INsurance buying several works of many of the professors who shoved portfolios and prices under my door might have swung me a deal, but no. So i feel i don't need any of these pieces, esp since after earning a 3.88 in grad school, i am a part time waitress in this post 911 american economy. so let's get these worthless pieces out of here, shall we ?  each work is on canvas paper, painted with gesso and oil and sanded down several times for a more ghostly effect on the layer of motion and color. Unframed, these 10 year old works are oil and should not be under glass. They are 16 X 20, a standard size frame at any michael's hobby lobby cat patanery big box craftamatic store. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE. 20 bucks per piece, it's $50 for three !

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