Saturday, July 14, 2012

SUMMER RERUN : 2011 ViewR Mail !

Fans, Friends & Enemies :

happy saturday ! tired, kids are sick, work is nuts and i am crazed trying to sell off enough leftovers to avoid the boot. I will have an open studio sale soon for extra super deals and more free stuff outside the door to remove the excess, details to come forth of course. But today it's Summer Rerun Saturday. And we steal today's awful content from an old e/e post highlighting some of the viewer mail i get. Since i volunteer two hours a week at a local college station WRUW 91.1 FM, people feel compelled to let me know how they feel about what i curate for their eighties ears. Who doesn't love people giving you their ten cents ? yeaaaaaa ! Enjoy the blast from the past of my mailbag/box ~ <3 djbg


And for more fun and adventure, here's the viewer mail for 2011 :

Dear DJ BG - what do you have against the Cure ? what moron has an eighties show and plays less Cure than you ? they are the best band of the 80's and you fail to grasp this concept EVERY WEEK. I love your show -
signed Real Name

DJ bg - did someone tell you that you have a good radio voice ? that person was wrong
- probably not their real name

Dear djbj - The Bolshoi was a band from england in the 80's ( insert lengthly Wikipedia stolen history about band, singles and releases ). You might want to qualify your selection of better music with the addition of some Bolshoi, especially whatever single i used to love on "120 minutes" -
signed 120 minutes one hit wonderloverboy or the guy from the Bolshoi

Miss Dj BG - i love your show, i listen every week ! it's the best 80's show i have heard in cleveland ever ! Could you play some Heaven 17, Human League or New Order ? i never hear you play it on your show ! thanks ! love your show -
signed person who OBVIOUSLY doesn't listen

Hey - last week's show was terrible. Awful, even. Just unbearable. I had to turn it off after twenty minutes of music i don't remember from the 80's LIKE THAT and it was AWFUL. Don't you think playing some "normal" 80's staples like the Jam, Echo, a little Furs might help ? Maybe it got better, I don't know. I turned you off, hoping one of the commercial radio stations were playing ANYTHING by Nirvana. Get a clue -
signed the guy who worships all 21 + songs Kurt Cobain made before he overdosed that are played more than AC/DC, Boston, Journey and Rush here in the capital of dead rock n roll

Hey djbg, how come you don't play ____ ( band name )'s new song that came out 12 minutes ago on i-tunes exclusive ? does the station have that ? when do you think it might come in and you might play it ? i donate every year and always wonder WHY you guys never have the new stuff right away. I donate to another show, but still.
signed your biggest fan ever of all time

dear djbg - i am not supergay
signed Phil Oakley ( probably not tho )

Dear djbg - i am an alternative rockstar from _____(some town). I masterfully did a google search and somehow constructed together with my brain modules that you do a radio show in need of my crappy-eighties-beats-heavy-music i sweat out after my software analyst job. I have included a package sent to the station with my super crafty logo on stickers, posters, postcards, keychain, can opener, xxsmall tshirt and my one hit single " dancing by myself in the darkness ", make sure that you get it girl and get it into your rotation of music ! although i have only glanced at the playlist half assed gassed after happy hour one friday while doing "marketing research" home from the microbrewery, I know it would blend flawlessly with your playlist. As a music professional with one local review is included from my friend/ex-girlfriend, please also bask in the glow of my fantastic music alt god cool photos in filter that make me look younger hidden in the surprise package. You rock, dj bk !
love, rock god in pleather by night, code monkey by day from inc.

Dear dj bg - the art of noise just isn't a good band. get it ? I love your show !!!
signed no one really ! keep it on up, e.e. lovers !!

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