Friday, February 28, 2014

works in progress - teeny tiny bat

sometimes the creatures in my life can be inspirational to some of the works i construct. lately old phones i disassemble look much like the little bats that roost around the neighborhood in CLE. With a ton of old factories being torn down this year, many displaced bats have made their way to my building. In the summer, it is so hot and many people leave windows open in the common areas of the warehouse i dwell in with the lights blazing all night. I made old screens to fit my space to avoid this swarm in my space every eve. But without such horribly made screens, the hallways fill with bugs and with that comes with the animal that we need to eat the fogs of midges and other pesky insects. We suspect they roost above us and often they fall out when pipes burst or a cold winter kills a furnace or two.
as a modern day walking wednesday addams, clearly i am a lover of such a creepy cute animal that really just likes to shit, eat handfed mealworm covered bananas, snuggle up to a heatbeat upside down and screech when he is pissed or hungry. who can't relate ? 
stay tuned...

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