Thursday, January 9, 2014

erieffusion retro radioshow : 1 /5 / 2014 - what do i get ?

sunday evenings i host the erie effusion eighties retro radio show on WRUW 91.1 FM. I have been a volunteer dj since 2006. I usually only play the vinyl preserved in one of the largest surviving vinyl collections on a college campus in the country. The choices of mine are largely untouched, not played often and probably abandoned quickly for the easier format of compact discs just a few years later. when i started as a dj at WKSR in 1990, our vinyl collection would fit in a tiny corner of my current college owned vault. But discs sounded better, less errors ( 45 ? 78 ? oops ! ) and were easier to handle. Or so we were told at the time. I found they often skipped and were easily damaged, but vinyl doesn't do well in my dirty artsy hands either. i will play discs or the digital downloads, but i prefer the odd offerings b sides, compilations, soundtracks and anything on vinyl that was a different version. or, in the case of our cocteau twins collection, like complete fuzz underwater. so you can have more content, here is the weekly playlist for erieffusion with mild chatter about wot really goes thru my head on the wall every week...Click here to listen or download HERE

nick heyward - kick of love
jesus ad mary chain - on the wall
iggy & stooges -i got a right
iggy pop - real wild child
kraftwerk - transeuroexpress
gary numan - love hurt bleed
cure - short term effect
siouxsie - christine
the glove - mr alphabet says
dickies - stuck in a pagoda with tricia toyota
buzzcocks - what do i get
violent femmes - nightmares
camper van beethoven - 9 of disks
devo - race of doom
waitresses - they are all out of liquor, let's find another party
pretenders - boots of chinese plastic
pretenders - space invaders
ramones - judy is a punk
hoodus gurus - i want you back
public image limited - bad baby
fleshtones - hexbreaker
xtc - this is pop
circle jerks - status clinger
clash - tommy gunn
thomas dolby - airhead 12'
sugarcubes - birthday
jellybean - was dog a donut ?

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