Wednesday, January 29, 2014

erie effusion retroradioshoWRUW: 1/26/14

Every sunday sunday sunday i host the Erie Effusion Eighties Retro Radioshow on WRUW 91.1FM from 6pm - 8pm, live here in Cleveland and on the internet at to stream it !
This sunday we played -ready for it - alternative eighties music. The station has one of the largest vinyl libraries in the state of ohio located on a college campus. Most of the records stopped trickling in from record companies about 1991, replaced by burned discs in smaller envelopes to easily mail to hundreds of stations, clubs and djs. From 1977 - 1991, the vinyl record collection was clearly used by the many comments scribed on the jackets, but as the cd collection grew in the 90's, largely forgotten. As it was much much easier to dj from a five or three deck cd player as opposed to flippin records, most college stations chucked their already modest or picked over vinyl to resale record shoppes. Kent State had a wall of vinyl that is (was - i found much of it at Square Records ) as big as our C section. No joke. Ok maybe a small one, but point being records were already uncool. Clunky. Records that were scratched, needed to be timed correctly ( 45 ? 35 ? 78 ? just kidding ) and often broke with much handling of the disc. They did not survive drops or falls, unlike a CD. In the early days of CD, we would just get one song or a bunch of cds with one song or two. They could have put their whole catalog on it but oh well, more waste of space to pinpoint market "Creep" by radiohead. Or any one band. Add buttons, tee shirts, band swag and collectables to boot. But these are the days of college radio of the past and all this has changed in the golden age of wireless. Every week i get to go back in time and grab a few flat friends i have not heard from in a while to fire up some good memories of the neon glow of o-h-i-o in the 80's to play for you and the rest of the third rock from the sun. This is my 8th year on air ! Here is my playlist :

Nick Heyward : Kick of Love
Nick Heyward : OVer the Weekend
Haircut 1001 : Calling Capt. Autumn
Waitresses : Bread and Butter ( remix )
General Public : Too Much or Nothing 12 "
UB40  : Sing Our Song
Smiths : what difference does it make
10,000 Maniacs  Hey Jack Kerouac
Close Lobsters : nature thing
Alphaville : Lies
Pet Shop Boys : Can You Forgive Her
Alison Moyet : Love Resurrection
Jean Michael Jarre : Zoolook
Tom Tom Club : Lorelei
Bill Nelson : Contemplation
Dolby's Cube : Howard the Duck
Wolfgang Press : Kansas 12"
Rezillos : Glad All over
Dave Edmunds : Queen of HEarts
XTC : generals and majors
husker DU : ice cold ice
Buzzcocks : i don't mind
joe Jackson : pretty boys
joe jackson : fit
echo and bunnymen : crystal days
jellybean : was dog a donut ?


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