Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2014 Goal : Eating Better Batter

 My goals to improve on this year included eating better from scratch. As your stereotypical starving artist, it's been easy to waste away to a hip thinness over the years. But as i have started to age and this lack of any nutrients doesn't work real well on old ladies nor does it wear well. I can't look like i am on expensive designer club drugs while i really can barely afford a new pair of shoes since 2010. Most people assume the food spaces i work for part time just craft up a plate of free food for me per shift but the reality is not that at all. If you have 20 bucks left until you don't know when, you aren't blowing that on one dinner. Not with gas this high. Not with a dog that whines when it is hungry. Thankfully, i don't have to feed anyone else but occasion borrowing neighbor with key maybe. So since the new year started, I try to make a few items to chew on for a few days. Hysterical buying practices since the polarlike conditions of the world have made this a challenge since often the meat department looks like a zombie movie set once a storm is announced. Pancakes, pot roast, pulled pork, stirfrys and many other stupid basic dishes i am not posting here like i am some celebrity chef have filled my sink with dirty dishes; reminding me of my hate for cleaning up after solo dinners. But since i work for such five to four star chefs all throughout time, it would be quite moronic to waste away while trying to buy art supplies over food. i have already had new jobs not work out or cut my hours after working a very short time so i am no stranger to economic belt tightening of business at this time of year. Bust out the peppermint pig to suck on & stretch out and wait ~> beet berry whole wheat flapjacks 

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  1. Right there wit you. Wrote about the same topic today. Share notes?