Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is it MAYDAY already ?

This year has started off so wonderfully. Due to insane reasons beyond my comprehension, I found myself once again without a job after years of loyal employment. A crummy economy made for the worst open studio sale i have ever bother to hostess prior to the holidays. My little galleries are thankfully the only chump change i got this year but it was all. And don't get me wrong, it's amazing to pay bills with art. but no joke, i needed a j-0-b not to go away without warning or compensation. I am beyond behind on my bills and lucky the last few weeks i have found three part time jobs to help this immediate problem, somewhat. Today i woke up to another half a grand problem to fix first, shitty smashed window in my unlocked car adding up to crappy times. I lost all opportunity to work at ALL JOBS today & tomorrow and thursday until i get my car fixed. I can't stay here with an open car in downtown cle, so away i go until we find a new order of glass for the back. i had my dirty bathtowels and all linens stolen + my recycling. Due to enormous bitching on social media, many people have offered to help and i have created the donation button on the side. if you shoot me a buck or two, i will offer up any leftover art i have here as i am swimming in the unsold of the holidays & the few fleas i sold nothing at. I have stuff i need to get rid of, art, flowers, collages, furniture, frames, odd stuff, bones, skulls, cool things, maps & legends. i will open up when i return for suburbia & pay you back for playing it forward. $1, $ 5 0r $ 10 would really help out and i will give you ART in exchange for your bucks for sucks like me . I will be holding opening studio hours this saturday 12- 4, sunday 12 - 4 ( day ) & monday 6 - 9  ( night ) if you just wanna drop by and check out the clearance clarence. soda donations count as well. mealworms. you know. thank you to all the people bugging me to help, i am not looking for large amounts

The donation button is on the upper right, pls txt or email me if you just want to send it to 
myfirstnameDlastnameatpaypal that will shirley work to help the dj. just one wing !

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