Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Ohio Works for 2014

2014 has rang in with sub zero temps here in No-Hio. This has rendered me at home, very little job left to go to and staring at the weather forecast in hopes or disbelief. I was throwing out leftover wood ( or contemplating burning it to stay warm ) and thought they might look better with some stain & stencil of the heart of it all. Ohio is actually a fun state shape to work with, looks good in squares and has edgy angles perched on the top of the country.

all weather reports have included colors not normally seen unless you had a computer and internet in 1977, which you didn't. temperature is often classified in colors for those who can't read or see so good. Cold fronts here are completely fabricated from decorative thrifted paint from home depo's discount table of "colors not normally used outside 1983" for walls

Ohio would love to break up at I - 76. But this piece is a recurring theme i often have grass greener on the other side of my state of stain filled industry and former scars of success
all these works are on leftover sanded pallet wood, stained and stencil for under 10


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