Monday, January 20, 2014


 Thank you to the many who donated to my cause. I am lucky today to pay for some past dues and still have much to go. Lucky because I had a few new opportunities drop into the pot to teach some art and work wood crafts & more hours anywhere. Tonite i will be open after work if anyone wants to stop by to grab some studio stuff. Anyone who drops some change into my donation is welcome to fill their cart with local art, frames, weird wood crafts or holiday unsold items i need to clear out to make room for new stuff & classroom space. Enough people have expressed the interest in classes at the studio so it's in the works. Tonite i am open 6 - 9 for pick up & next week Saturday 11 - 3. If the door is locked check the number on the door & buzz me. I missed my show this week so i will return next week, sorry to anyone who needed their 80's fix. But that would be what life without me would sound like, so thanks to all who would prefer a non dead dj . Four more weeks ! owww

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